Tutti Studio, an audio entertainment company who say that they are “focused around the social party scene”, have announced their new wireless party speaker, the Matti which aims to serve as the modern day boombox.

Using “boundary enhancing acoustic technology” to define the music space, the Matti offers users the ability to pair multiple speakers together.

“At Tutti Studio, we wanted to create a sound system that catches the eyes and ears of young adults, and adds personality to the way they dance, connect, and socialise together,” said CEO of Tutti Studios, Jonathan Linn. “Our newest speaker, the Matti, is more than a traditional audio device. It cranks out plenty of volume with a high-level of clarity, featuring a 360-degree speaker design that reaches all sides of the dance floor. We want to inspire people to play hard, party hard, and go crazy with up to eight Mattis that surround them with music. It’s next generation fun!”

Using a single Matti speaker, users can enable “Stereo Mode” for a traditional sound experience, hearing both left and right channels from a single speaker. Adding a second speaker allows users to assign one as the left speaker and one as the right. Using three Matti speakers, the unit’s tuning creates an immersive sound experience for listeners, however, a unique function of the Matti speakers is the ability to join up to eight of them together, all playing the same track.

Designed as a sound system to be portable, the Matti was designed with an extra thick moulded polymer sub-chassis to eliminate rattling when the music is at full volume. It also has steel grills, an aluminium handle and silicone rubber bumpers. It also has an included microphone to work as a Karaoke machine or for MCing. The battery lasts up to 10+ hours. Tutti’s Matti will be available in four colour variations; black rubber with rose gold speaker grilles, emergency orange rubber with mint green grills, light pink rubber with dark pink grilles and finally, cream rubber surrounds with silver speaker grilles. The Matti is currently available in limited numbers for $159 or $169 via Kickstarter before it goes up to $299 after the campaign is over.



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