HiDiamond have introduced two new distributors for power management. Called HDX1 and HDX2 hdx2HiDiamond say they represent a “no compromise solution for the completion of a Hi-End audio system”.
The HDX2 uses a powerful filter network and a display to check the actual voltage and the amperage and both are finished with star wiring and cables 4VRC © technology.
Available with schuko plug or USA plugs.
– Dimensions 250x130x55 mm
– Cabinet in brushed metal black painted Weight 1.45 kg
– Copper internal wiring 4VRC © star connection to ensure maximum performance
– Ignition controlled by relay
– Power supply 230V/50 Hz max 2300W
– Network Filter 230V/10A noise suppressor
– Unipolar Switch
– Resettable circuit breaker
– Six Schuko Hi-Quality or USA socket
– Dimensions 340x180x80 mm
– Weight 3.100 kg
– 4VRC© Copper internal wiring star connection to ensure maximum performance
– Power supply 230V/50 Hz max 2300W
– Network Filter 230V/60A RFI interference suppressor cell double shielded
– Power Switch 2-pole 16A
– Surge suppressor
– Voltmeter Ammeter lcd for detecting network voltage and current
– Five Schuko or Six USA sockets


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