If you’re looking at getting the best quality from your music streaming system and have in excess of £20,000 to invest in your front end, this evening could well be a good start for you to audition some of the High End music streamer/dacs available on the market.

Auralic, T+A & Merging Technologies

During the evening you’ll have the opportunity of listening to the latest Auralic G2 system featuring the Aries Streamer, Vega DAC, Leo Clock and the new Sirius Upsampler, the new T+A SDV3100HV from their HV series line up and the Merging Technologies Nadac, Power and Clock. You’ll also have the chance to meet with representatives from the brands.

Ultimate Stream

This informal evening is being hosted by Ultimate Stream, on January the 30th, in Elstead nr Godalming, Surrey.

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