Unique Acoustics is a new German loudspeaker manufacturer whose debut model “The Antique” is certainly a bit of a looker and is sure to catch the eye of audiophiles looking for a premium class product.

The Antique standmount loudspeaker is a little unusual in its construction in that it uses an enclosure based on the Onken design. The Company says that this offers a “powerful and fully fledged low frequency register whilst making it possible to hear the most subtle shades of sound.”

The driver used in the Unique Acoustics Antique is a modified Audio Nirvana MFD-8 with paper cone, cast casing and a modified magnet. Using the one drive makes a crossover completely unnecessary and the drivers are connected to the speaker terminals by precious metals of the companies own design

The unique Omni Horn system, made of solid wood is a key feature of the design and the cabinet is further enhanced by a system of internal reflectors and air guides, stabilizing and anti-vibrating systems and and the BSS ball supports.

The Bass Ultraflex-Plus cabinet is said to be “a successful compromise between the open box and phase reverse horn designs and the Omni Horn system allows the use of a small-size loudspeakers whilst preserving higher sound levels. The special assembly technology of the Antique model is predominantly done by hand and acoustically neutral materials (solid Makore wood, effective compounds and high quality steel fasteners) are used throughout.

The Antique model is produced in a limited quantity. The assembler’s personal signature, the serial number and the date of production are engraved on each unit cabinet.

Technical features:

Recommended amplifier power — 10–15 watts/channel

Frequency range — 46 Hz–30 KHz

Sensitivity — 93 dB

Nominal impedance — 8 Ohms

Size — 10, 6 x 10, 6 x 12, 8 in

Price €6250 for the loudspeakers and €3000 for the matching stands.


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