Gasoline, on the excellent Comeme is the labels very first compilation and by crikey it’s a good one…very much my kind of music. For those that don’t know Comeme it’s a label that has been making all the right noises for me for a year or so now with its pared down, acidic-tribal-techno grooves.

Gasoline brings together music from the inner circle of the Comeme collective and throws a few more guests into the mix for good measure. This means that as well as the likes of Christian S, Ana Helder, Alejandero Paz, Carisma and Djs Preja there’s also Voxels from Portugal, Zombies in Miami from Mexico, Auntie Flo from Glasgow, Rous from Argentina, Vaskular from Chile and Bryan Kessler from Cologne.

This is body music at its very best and for lovers of pretty much any kind of dance music Gasoline is a must for their collection.

There’s a dubby feel to Aunty Flo’s Jas with its slow yet relentless groove and a rave siren on that sounds like its on ketamine, electro vibes from Christian S and Bryan Kesler’s Nebel Dance, straight up four to the floor and pounding bass in the form of Ana Helder’s Gasoline and then Vaskular’s Black Jesus takes things down again (a little) with lush pads and strings… and yet still there’s that kick, a slightly jazzy feel and repetitive sample that is reminiscent of acid house.
Djs Pareja and Alejandro Paz continue that acid feel with the relentless bassline and snappy percussive snares with the track Cogeme;;;and yet even here there’s a lead synth “bleep” thrown in to take your head in a different direction to your body.

Zombies in Miami’s El Rito takes the BPMs down a tad but continues with the unremitting bass drum kick, weird noises and machine drum percussion, at times having a feel of Blue Monday…but only a bit, it’s much weirder than that!

Rous’s A Bailar reminds me of early Antler Subway (remember that label?) whilst Voxels’ K-Hauz has a distinctive Latin feel to it.

Gasoline ends with a bit of a jack type track from Djs Pareja called Si Senor and it sums up the album really nicely… brooding, dark and mental.

I think these people may be on medication of some sort!!!

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