VenusodiO, of Germany, has launched its new integrated tube amplifier, the Symbiose Quadrat, following on from their first model, Symbiose.

Integrating the same electronics and technologies that featured in the  Symbiose, each Symbiose Quadrat is entirely manufactured, assembled, and tested in the Northern Black Forest region of Germany.

Symbiose Quadrat has a case made of solid wood and is available in the colour of your choice. The glass panels have been rethought and redesigned to give you “a unique and most enjoyable user experience”.


High Fidelity Integrated Amplifier.

Dual Mono Full Balanced Topology

Output Power : 20W per Channel.

Topology : Class A Floating Bridge Output Stage.

Digital Control Volume Control.

Source Input selector without any mechanical contacts.

24k Gold Plated Audio Connector.

Tubes per channel : 2 x ECC99, 2x EL844,  2 x 300B – Sophia Electric

Audio Input : CD, DAC, Tuner, Phono MM, XLR, Aux

Audio Output : Ring Core Transformer – 4 Ohms Impedance.

Glass panels

Solid Wood Chassis available in any colour


25900 Euros TTC. (Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, Spain, Austria, Poland)

Export price TBC

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