roksponsmallVertere Acoustics reveals a star-studded line-up for The Indulgence Show 2016. The London event hosts the debut release from Vertere’s record label, featuring three new tracks from CAEZAR – the band fronted by two former members of The Silencers, who also wrote the tracks – the release was mastered by Miles Showell of Abbey Road Studios, using his innovative ½ speed cutting technique.

The Vertere room show system with a total cost of £220,000, features Vertere’s new STAGE-1, STAND-1 bespoke supports and AT ART-1000 MC cartridge. The system is driven by a battalion of electronics from FM Acoustics of Switzerland (making its UK show debut!) – including the FM 122MKII Phono, FM 245 preamp, plus a quartet of FM 108 mono power amps – and uses reference loudspeakers from PMC.  Vertere also provides cabling throughout the set-up.


In addition to hearing the six-figure system, visitors can also witness the launch of Vertere’s entry-level phono preamplifier. Also making their global debuts are new additions to the Vertere PULSE-HB and Vertere D-Fi cables. Show-goers will also get the opportunity to win one of five copies of the new 12”, as well as a Vertere D-Fi Stereo Interconnect Cable, and one of two of Vertere D-Fi DD USB cables.

Touraj Moghaddam, Vertere Acoustics founder, said: “It is my pleasure to present at the London Indulgence show, for the first time in UK, this Vertere|FM system that is truly astonishing – music without limits. And what better than having JJ & Joseph of CAEZAR accompanying the world debut of their new 12” Single, ‘The Prayer’.”

The Indulgence Show, Novotel London West, London, UK, 14 – 16 October 2016


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