Designed and engineered by two brothers from Phoenix, Arizona the VETR Audio PANL1 speaker system is another interesting audio project launched on Kickstarter. Each speaker is a twill carbon fibre panel, only 1.3mm thick, the stands are 100% stainless steel, finished with a brushed surface.

The PANL1 was “designed to fit into a sleek, modern world”. VETR are making big claims for these small speakers saying: “Acoustic details come shining through with clarity rivalling even the most high-end audiophile setups. The PANL1 speakers fill your room with beautifully clear sound whether you’re listening to acoustic recordings, watching action movies, or playing the latest games. Our low-profile subwoofer provides deep low notes and room-filling bass in a package that can be easily hidden under your desk or next to your TV. And because it’s tuned to perform perfectly with the PANL1 speakers, the whole sound range will seem to come from our slim bookshelf speakers – clear and precise, at any volume”.



At the most fundamental level, every speaker uses electricity to vibrate a surface, producing sound. The PANL1 shares only this concept; the similarities end there. An average set of stereo speakers has just 17 square inches of area to reproduce sound; ours have 132. Typical stereo speakers have just 20 watts of output power per channel; ours have 48. Regular bookshelf speakers can be 6 inches thick; ours are less than 1”.


  • Frequency Range: 48 – 20,000Hz
  • Speaker Power Rating: 48W per channel
  • Subwoofer Power Rating: 60W

From 299$, shipping anticipated in August 2017






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