UK distributor, Pure Sound, has announce the arrival of a new, entry level Phono Equaliser from Aurorasound, Japan.

The VIDA Prima Offers MM or MC loading with the MC setting being switchable to suit cartridges with an internal source impedance above or below 15 Ohms. The equalisation is achieved through a NF+CR network; the NF equalisation being applied for higher frequencies whilst the CR network is used for low frequency compensation.

Components used include Linear Technology & Texas Instruments semi-conductors along with German WIMA film capacitors and Japanese made high precision resistors. The fully regulated power supply incorporates a generously specified toroidal transformer, Schottky barrier diodes, FineMet beads and high quality smoothing capacitors.


Input                                  RCA unbalance  1ch

Cartridge load impedance  47kΩ/MM,    MC-high, MC-low

Gain select                         High/MC64dB,  Low/MM40dB

Output                                RCA unbalance

Output impedance             47Ω

RIAA deviation                  20Hz -20kHz   +/-0.5dB

Input Referred Noise         MC -134dBV,   MM  -134dBV

THD+N                              MC 0.01%,   MM  0.009%

Size                                   W250 x D246 xH69mm

Weight                              2.2kg

The VIDA Prima is £999.95





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