Danish brand, VikingSoundWave, has officially launched its new speaker, Disa.

The Disa cabinet is a four Layer Kombi Material Bass Reflex Cabinet,  made with an angle on the front baffle, to improve phase linearity.


The crossover is a 12 dB Linkwitz/Riley with incorporated T.I.M. reduction circuits. T.I.M. is an advanced correct phase crossover circuit with ultra-high specified quality components.


The tweeter is a 38mm ring radiator with ultimate step response, and has a neodymium motor system with a T-shaped pole piece which gives low distortion.

For the mid and low frequencies, VikingSoundWave used an6-inch woven mineral cone. The optimized centre bullet reduces compression due to temperature variations in the voice coil. The lower suspension is placed to reduce sound reflection air flow noise and keep cavity resonance to a minimum.

Technical Specifications

Recommended power amplifier: 30 – 200 Watts

Sensitivity: 87 dB

Nominal average impedance: 6 – 8 ohm

Connectors: Gold plated binding post / 4mm plugs

Handmade in Denmark



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