Vincent Audio, a German-based designer and manufacturer of stereo and multichannel components, has introduced the SV-737 hybrid integrated amplifier which will shortly be available for the U.S. market.

Currently available in Europe, the SV-737 combines the benefits of both tube and solid-state designs with powerful output, numerous analogue and digital inputs, wireless connectivity, and overall flexibility that is a hallmark of the Vincent Audio brand.

Vincent Audio Debuts SV-737 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Pangea Audio

“The SV-737 ends the debate over whether tubes or solid-state circuitry offer the best listening experience,” said Steve Niemi, Director of Global Sales, Pangea Audio Distributing, Vincent’s USA distributor. “This model stands as a sterling example of how the reliability of solid-state and natural-sounding warmth of tubes can seamlessly blend in one high-performance amp.”

Pre And Power Amplifier

The listener can bypass the pre-amp/amp connection by removing external jumpers, allowing for an external Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for room correction.

Streaming And Connections

The SV-737 hybrid integrated amplifier has an advanced WiFi port. Connection to a home network is easy for accessing high-resolution music streaming services and files stored on a NAS drive. Playable digital formats include WAV, FLAC, APE, LPCM, MP3, ACC, AC3, and WMA.

Options for wired connections include six (6) pairs of analogue RCA inputs, two (2) optical inputs, two (2) coaxial inputs, and one (1) stereo main input, making it future-resistant as users’ systems evolve over time.

Vincent Audio Debuts SV-737 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier connections


Vincent Audio’s SV-737 integrated amplifier’s hybrid design offers the natural-sounding audio associated with vacuum tubes while providing the power and control of solid-state electronics. In addition, the SV-737 is up to date with a DAC that handles the latest high-resolution streaming formats, including WAV, FLAC, AIFF, APE, and more.

The power supply features Elco capacitors for buffering to keep the electrical current clean and noise-free.

Vincent Audio Debuts SV-737 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier


MSRP: $3,499.95

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