Vertere and KJ West One bring you an evening of vinyl delight with special guest, Miles Showell of Abbey Road Studios.

Facts will be illuminated, Myths will be exposed and track upon track of pure music will be laid down for you. Presenting and demonstrating some of the world’s greatest music ever cut on vinyl plus explanation of Miles’s ½ speed mastering and its musical advantages.vertere_vinyl

The main system on the night will consist of:

Vertere Reference Tonearm & RG-1 & Record Player

FM Acoustics FM-122 MkII Phono Linearizer

Naim Audio Statement Pre and Mono Power Amplification

All connected by Vertere Absolute Reference Pulse-HB Cable system

A second system will also be setup featuring the Vertere MG-1/SG-1 Record Player/Tonearm combination.

Touraj Moghaddam of Vertere and Mile Showell of Abbey Road Studios will conduct the presentation and the demonstrations.

Special Test Pressings, Acetates plus new and old production records will be used to explain and reveal the different mastering and cutting techniques used.

A true insight into the world of recorded music and vinyl playback – looking at its past and its future.

At KJ West One, 4th March 2016, 17:00 – 22:00 +


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