Mark Sears, of the Midlands-based Vinyl Passion, got in touch with us to tell us all about their new project, which has been in development for the last five years.

The Vinyl Passion Revolution Power Supply is designed for Linn turntables but can also be adapted for other brands. Mark says: “After seeing the sine wave output quality from a popular LP-12 aftermarket two-speed power supply, and the incorrect speed accuracy at 45 rpm we knew it was time for a change, or should we say Revolution”.

Vive La Revolution!

“We had high hopes for DC when we worked with Maxton on their finest DC Motors and software, but we found all of them to simply be too noisy when listening with a stethoscope through the top plate. I knew the good old Premotec 24p motor used for so many turntables could be the best option if we had a power supply with a truly pure sine wave and a true 90-degree offset. Also, a programmable processor so the voltage could be programmed to step down, allowing fast startup, multiple speeds and then switching to a low voltage the same as the lingo to remove RFI and EMI from the motor…”

“We were also unhappy with the use of high-temperature resistors to drop voltage as this creates heat over degrees 100c all the time the board is powered. This can distort internal metal components over time”.

Custom Wound Transformer

The Vinyl Passion Revolution Power Supply has gone through four prototype stages and uses a custom-wound transformer making it 85% efficient. It also features a processor designed for medical an military applications and the finished product is housed in one convenient package including the custom toroidal transformer. When it is fitted onboard the turntable, Vinyl Passion claim there is zero noise.

Rigorous testing is showing 32ppi distortion after amplification, and their test turntable is showing wow and flutter of 0.05 at 33.3 and 45rpm. Manufacturing of the first 300 units is about to commence and Mark is currently looking for distributors outside of the UK. Vinyl Passion says that the new power supply is not only accurate, it is also affordable. LP-12 owners watch this space for more info!

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