France and Germany have by far the most vinyl pressing plants in Europe. Between them they have, at last count, thirteen compared to the UK’s two. Hifi Pig has learned that following the triggering of “Article Fifty” by Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday, all exports of vinyl from these two countries, and others that remain in the EU, will effectively be banned outside of member countries. Of course this will only come into effect after Britain has left completely. 

The impact this will have on the UK’s vinyl market is clear and, unless more plants are built in the country, we are likely to have to rely on the pressing plants located in the US where there are around twenty. Of course shipping is going to be relatively expensive and there are going to be obvious delays in turnaround times.

Exactly one month prior to Premier May’s triggering of Article Fifty the BBC announced that more than 3.2 million records were sold in 2016, a 53% rise on the previous year’s figures. This figure is set to fall by an estimated 1.4 million a BPI spokesman has told us.


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