Vista Audio has introduced an extension of their Phono-1 phono preamplifier. Phono-2 ($399) has no capacitors in the signal path and RIAA compensation is executed with high precision film capacitors and low noise resistors.

In addition to the range of load and gain settings, the Phono-2 offers three output filtration options to optimise playback performance for a wide range of turntable setups. The new preamplifier’s flexibility makes it suitable for wide range of MM and MC cartridges, and operation with step-up transformers is also supported.

Technical Specs

Class A operation

Bandwidth: 10Hz-40kHz

Input impedance: Eight presets: 47 ohm – 47 kohm

plus sockets for custom loading resistors

Gain: Six presets: 40-70dB

Passive RIAA compensation

Active offset Cancellation

Gold plated PCB

Steel case for EMI shielding

Dimensions :  7.25 x 4 x 1.5″

(185 x 100 x 40 mm)







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