Hans-Ole Vitus of Vitus Audio has shared the first pictures of their new SIA-030 amplifier with us at Hifi Pig.

The Vitus SIA-030 is their new flagship integrated amplifier in the signature series. This 55kg, 35,000€ (without options) beast of an amp is being launched in a stunning titanium orange colour at High End Munich 2019.




  • 2x unbalanced RCA inputs
  • 3x true balanced XRL inputs

Optional Phono stage:

  • 2x unbalanced RCA inputs Optional DAC/Streamer:
  • 1x AES input
  • 1x SPDIF (RCA) input
  • 1x Ethernet for streaming
  • 1x USB supporting upto 2x DSD
  • 1x Optical input for TV ect.


  • 1 set balanced speaker outputs
  • 1x unbalanced RCA pre-out for active subs or bi-amping


  • 30W kl.A in 8ohm RMS
  • 200W high biased kl. AB in 8 ohm RMS.
  • Powerrating almost doubles for 4 ohm
  • Kl. A / AB mode switchable
  • Fully regulated PSU including output stage
  • Linestage gain upto 12-18dB
  • Phonostage supports MC/MM with max gain upto 70dB (expected)

This beauty is currently on it’s way to Munich where she will debut in Atrium 4.2, Room E208…looking forward to hearing it at the show!

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