At the Rocky Mountain Audiofest this week in Denver, Voxativ GmbH is marking the US debut of the new T805 SET Integrated Amplifier. This is the Berlin born brand’s first higher-powered 30W x 2 tube integrated amplifier.

The Voxativ founder and chief engineer, Holger Adler Dipl.-Ing, will be there to present their first implementation of 805 tubes in a pure Class-A design with KT66 driver stage in triode mode driven by the ECC83 input stage with an internal DC-coupled circuit absent of any interstage chokes. Similar to the T211, the 120lb (55kg) unibody aluminium housing of the T805 is anodized in Berlin black and milled from a single 150lb block of aluminium. All coupling capacitors are Mundorf and power transformers are custom-designed by Voxativ’s chief electronics engineer.


This integrated amplifier is also equipped with a volume-controlled preamp output stage to directly drive without signal loss any outboard active speakers and woofers like the Voxativ Pi-Bass and Z-Bass modules. This is relevant to this week’s debut for it will be driving the first US presentation of a fieldcoil edition of the recently awarded TAS Golden Ear winning hybrid-active 9.87 System in Summit Tower Suite 5000.

Voxativ will be in Suite 5000 in partnership with Calfornia-based Synergistic Research who will be powering, cabling, grounding and treating the entire room with its UEF Technologies. This room will also have on static display the Voxativ Hagen monitors with special five-inch full-range drivers. Across the hall in Suite 5004, attendees will also be able to hear the Voxativ Zeth-B loudspeaker system with active Z-Bass modules driven by Lyric Audio electronics.


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