Voxativ, of Berlin, says that their new Due Edition Speaker Cables are “the optimal path to making the most music from high-efficiency full-range drivers”.

Known for the full-range driver design, loudspeakers and electronics, German High End brand, Voxativ have experimented endlessly with a menagerie of signal conduction materials paired with their loudspeakers but have always come back to one consistent preference: Copper. They say that “the balanced warmth of pure copper provides the ideal complement to the Voxativ sound that so many discerning listeners fall in love with”.

Pure copper is at the heart of the Voxativ Due Edition Loudspeaker Cables


Voxativ Due Edition Cables

With their new Due Edition loudspeaker cabling, Voxativ has implemented a four meter ultra-pure copper only approach with increased wire gauge, strand geometry, and double shielding as well as mechanical resonance control to derive even greater synergy within a Voxativ system or other high-efficiency loudspeaker design.

Voxativ Due Edition Loudspeaker Cables


3,999€ 4m pair

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