Voxativ, of Berlin, Germany, are well known for their full-range drivers, high end loudspeakers and gorgeously designed valve electronics.

They recently decided to take the plunge and exhibit at the Hamburg Hifi Show with their ‘one box and speaker system’, The Hagen Absolut.

Voxativ Hagen Loudspeakers

The Voxative Hagen Absolut system consists of two handcrafted components, a set of Voxativ Hagen Speakers with modified Voxativ AF-1n drivers and  a Voxativ Absolut Box (Source/Amp with DSP optimised for Hagen). It is made in Berlin and costs 7,900€.

We are seeing the rise of the one box electronics system, with many acclaimed high end brands now offering something more user friendly than the traditional multi-box system, but maintaining the high end ethos.

Analogue Inputs

The Voxativ Hagen system features inputs via WiFi, Chromecast, Bluetooth APTX, Optical and Analogue (for phono and other traditional sources). It also features custom DSP, a Voxativ quality DAC, 2X20 Watt Class A/B amplifier and a Chromecast module for direct Tidal, and Qobus access over Wifi.



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