VPI’s new Prime 21 turntables build upon the Prime series to deliver improved performance and offer a simple set-up procedure.

The Prime 21 and 21+ are designed for music lovers who demand performance but do not want to have to learn hifi technician skills to get their vinyl spinning.

The New VPI Prime 21 has undergone many improvements

All Prime 21 turntables are carefully packaged so that they can be easily removed from their box, calibrated, and connected in well under twenty minutes. No specialist hi-fi assembly skills are required, and all set-up tools are supplied. An instructional video is supplied on a USB stick for those owners who would like assistance.

The New VPI Prime 21

Major Upgrades

VPI has re-designed the deck and made major upgrades to the components.

A new aluminium top plate braces the turntable chassis to deaden any unwanted resonance that can confuse the sound. The addition of high mass aluminium casework to the motor improves its damping for a steadier performance.

3D Printed Tonearm

An all-new 3D-printed tonearm is pre-mounted and the unipivot of earlier Prime models has been replaced by a new gimbal system. The isolation feet are the same as those used in VPI’s anniversary edition HW40 turntable (RRP £15,000).

VPI Shyla Cartridge

The Prime 21+ model offers even more than the Prime 21. It features the VPI Shyla cartridge (custom made by Audio Technica) and the VPI Weisline tonearm cable (manufactured by Nordost), to give superior performance.

Price And Availability

The Prime 21 is available for order from October. The Prime 21+ is available from November. In December, the Prime 21 and Prime 21+ will also be available in a walnut finish.

RRP Prime 21: £4,500. Prime 21+: £6,500

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