Good friend of Hifi Pig, Mat Weisfeld, of VPI got in touch to tell us about their new, entry level turntable, the Cliffwood: “For 40 years we have built turntables in American and kept it in the VPI family.  For almost 30 of those years we have built our turntables in Cliffwood, New Jersey”.

With us reaching a more entry level market we are still able to make our products in Cliffwood, New Jersey.  Most companies when making entry level products source their components outside their country of origin. This is why we celebrate our heritage and our VPI workers by naming this turntable after the place they are built”.

We are also excited to be teaming up with our friends from Brooklyn, Grado Labs!  VPI engineered a cartridge shell specifically for the Grado Green stylus to make it easier to mount and contribute to the sound signature. The VPI/Grado Green will be the factory standard mounted cartridge on all VPI Cliffwood turntables”.  

The Cliffwood will retail for 900 USD and will initially only be available for the US market but will later be opened to the global market.  The tonearm is a 9″ machined aluminium gimbal. Estimated shipping is end of July to early August.

Mat went on to say: “We would like to thank the members of the “I love my VPI turntable” facebook group for contributing ideas and feedback regarding the potential for this turntable and reaching a different audience”.

Cliffwood Specs:

  • 16″ x 11″ footprint
  • 19” x 14” x6” overall size
  • Machined 11.5 inch Aluminum Platter
  • 600 RPM AC Motor – 2 speed pulley
  • Machined Aluminum Gimballed 9 inch arm
  • VPI/Grado Green Cartridge
  • Fully upgrade-able
  • MDF Vinyl wrap “Black Truffle” finish





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