We have been bringing you news about cassette tape being the next big comeback in Audio and Hifi for the last few years. Recording The Masters are making cassette tapes again, but their Kickstarter funded campaign to launch their Mystik portable cassette player, failed to hit it’s 50,000€ target.

Now there is a new, again French, company bringing a portable cassette player to market, We Are Rewind have launched their portable cassette player in collaboration with AV Industry.

We Are Rewind Cassette Player

Cassette Player

Simply called ‘Cassette Player’, the We Are Rewind machine is available in three colours: Orange (SERGE), Blue (KURT) and Grey (KEITH).

80s Nostalgia

Romain Boudruche, Founder and CEO of We Are Rewind told us: “The idea came to us after a year of riding a wave of 80s nostalgia, first started by the movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and even the show ‘Stranger Things’ and so we decided to re-make cassette tape players. We looked around us to find someone to join us on this adventure. And we found a French company (AV Industry, the parent company of Elipson loudspeakers) right outside of Paris specialized in making high-quality audio materials.

After several months of attempts and reflection, we finally agreed on a design that is at once clean, crisp and classy. The kind of design object that we’d love to show off on the mantlepiece. Regarding the materials, we wanted it to be cool to the touch, with impeccable finishes, so we avoided plastic. We then went for an aluminium exterior, and the result is just amazing”.


Cassette Player features a rechargeable lithium battery, which is more practical and cost-effective than disposable. It has integrated bluetooth capability, plus a 3.5 jack connector. They also added a recording function to be able to create mix tapes.


Bluetooth 5.0

Rechargeable Lithium Battery up to 10 hours autonomy

Recording Function

3.5mm Jack Connector

Aluminium Case

Dimensions : 13.7 x 8.6 x 3.2cm

Weight: 305g

Headphones not included


We Are Rewind Cassette Player can be pre-ordered now at 89€, full price will be 129€

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