Western Electric® has appointed Scull Communications of New York as their brand building, marketing strategy and public relations agency.

“We’re excited to work with Jonathan who understands the historic importance of Western Electric as well as where we’re headed,” says Charles Whitener, CEO. “As well as the classic products on our website, we’re planning new amplifier, speakers, and other audio products that will amaze. As for the most asked question, 300Bs will begin rolling off the line soon.”

A new entity, Western Electric Select®, will distribute and sell the best products in the industry. The first to qualify for WE Select® is Gauder Akustik a successful speaker manufacturer from Renningen, Germany. “Suffice to say they’re designed by a physicist using heavy computing power to design and implement many advanced features,” explains Mr. Whitener. “The sound is dynamic and captivating, an emotional wash of music and feeling.”

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