Whole Note Distribution, based in Angus, Scotland specialise in bringing new brands to the UK. Their latest acquisitions are Lu Kang Audio. And Moonriver.

Lu Kang Audio Brand

Based in Taiwan, Lu Kang Audio have imported high-end audio equipment into Asia for thirty years, and in the last twenty they have become known for loudspeakers. Having recently been passed the baton from his father, Cheng-Chien ‘Rox’ Shih is responsible for the current range of Lu Kang loudspeakers. Drivers are specially selected, with cabinet and crossover design carried out by Rox himself.

Exclusively producing speakers, Lu Kang focus on stand-mount units only, and offer three models: SP230 (pictured); SP200; SP155.

Lu Kang SP230 loudspeaker


All models use custom Audio Technology drive units (size is reflected in the model name) and Hiquphon tweeters. Cabinets are one inch thick MDF (braced) which are then veneered with real wood. Crossover(s) use minimal components and are designed and produced in-house.


Prices start at £4245 rising to £6500 and optional solid wood stands are available at £995

Moonriver Audio Brand

Inspired by the famous song, Moonriver Audio is a combination of the vintage and the contemporary in audio reproduction. Moonriver Audio products are designed and made in Sweden. Each unit is hand-assembled, a painstaking but precise procedure. Moonriver Audio also care for sustainability as well as for reliability. Each product is covered by a 3-year warranty and is designed to last for decades without any need of maintenance.

Moonriver Audio Model 404 Amplifier 


Currently exclusively producing an amplifier, the Model 404, the range will soon be expanded to include a phono stage. The model 404 is an integrated amplifier featuring 5 inputs; one set of pre-outs; tape monitor, and an optional USB DAC. An MM or MM/MC phono stage is also available.


Start at £3000 rising to £3910 with USB DAC and MM phono stage fitted

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