The original Duette was Wilson Audio’s first Special Applications Engineering™ product. It was designed to offer the Wilson_duette_1timbrel neutrality, dynamic contrast, soundstage depth and transparency of Wilson floorstanding loudspeakers—but do so in environments that are hostile to all of those qualities, such as against walls or in bookshelves. It was given a dual personality so that it could succeed in a conventional audiophile application (placed out into the room away from walls) too.

Unlike its predecessor, the Duette Series-2 is designed exclusively for near-boundary installations with the design remit to simply make the best compact loudspeaker possible.

New for the Duette Series-2 is a dedicated stand with an integrated crossover a system approach which Wilson claim many advantages including mechanical isolation of the crossover, wire management and a more robust and stable platform.

New Tweeter Design

The Duette Series-2’s tweeter has a rear wave chamber, which is sourced from their Alexia Convergent Synergy Tweeter. “The CST chamber effectively attenuates the spurious energy generated at the rear of the driver that would otherwise leak out of the acoustically translucent dome”.

New Enclosure 

The Duette Series-2’s enclosure is the company’s latest product of “extensive laser vibrometer testing”. . Enclosure-wall thickness has been increased in strategic locations, internal bracing is more robust. The entire enclosure, including the internal braces, is constructed from Wilson’s proprietary composite ‘X-material’.
The front baffle, now built from S-material, is raked back 10 degrees to time align the tweeter and the woofer.

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