The Chronosonic XVX builds on Wilson Audio’s former flagship model, the Alexandria XLF. It is the American company’s new flagship, second only to the late Dave Wilson’s magnum opus, the WAMM Master Chronosonic,  which can be built to order for anyone with £700,000 to spend on a pair of loudspeakers.

In comparison, the Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX retails for a ‘mere’ £330,000 per pair. Designed by Dave’s son Daryl, It draws on key elements of the WAMM Master Chronosonic, which Wilson say is “the most time-domain-accurate speaker ever made”.

Cranberry Pearl

Available in a wide range of gorgeous colours, including this festive Cranberry Pearl, applied and finished in the automotive-class paint facility at Wilson Audio’s factory in Utah, USA, the Chronosonic XVX may also be custom-finished in any colour the customer cares to specify. Would one like a pair in Bugatti Blue, to match one’s favourite automobile? No problem, Wilson Audio will match the colour precisely!

Price And Availability

The Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX is now shipping to order. The UK retail price is £330,000 (inc. VAT) per pair and is distributed in the UK by Absolute Sounds.

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