Wilson Audio has spent many years on composite research for loudspeaker enclosures. The company has harnessed this work to create a set of ‘isolation feet’ to place under audio components, from turntables and digital source components to amplifiers and power supplies, preventing external vibration from affecting performance.

Wilson W & V Materials

Wilson’s latest and most advanced materials, “W” and “V”, made their debut in the limited production WAMM Master Chronosonic® (W-Material) and, most recently, Wilson’s flagship loudspeaker, the Chronosonic XVX™ (V-Material). At the other end of the spectrum, Wilson’s Special Application Engineering Division engineered the ISOBase™, a isolation platform for the TuneTot™. The ISOBase allowed the TuneTot to be placed on bookshelves and desktops with isolation from those resonant surfaces. The design and engineering team’s research surrounding the ISOBase led to the realisation that the technology and ideas behind the ISOBase could form the basis for an isolation device for general use. Thus, a multi-year-long research and development project commenced. The outgrowth of which was the Pedestal, Wilson Audio Special Application Engineering’s solution for “near absolute vibration isolation”

WASAE Pedestal

The Pedestal reduces musically destructive vibrations systematically. Its small bottom element partially absorbs vibrations travelling from the surface underneath the piece of equipment. Next, energy migrates into the Pedestal’s austenitic (non-magnetic) stainless-steel housing, where the material’s mass and solidity further turn unwanted energy into heat. Wilson is committed to metals that have superior vibration-mitigating characteristics as well as the ability to minimize electronic interactions of the components that the Pedestals support.

The damping material inside of the Pedestal—“V-Material”—provides the next step in vibration reduction. V-Material, along with a proprietary viscous damping material inside the Pedestal, act as a spring tominimize, absorb, and dissipate the vibrations into heat.

When weight is applied to the Pedestal, the internal V-Material element, along with the other critical elements within the housing, are decoupled from the stainless steel exterior.

From the reverse direction, from the component on down, any vibrations caused by environmental factors or from the audio system itself, travel into the top pad of the Pedestal, where they are reduced. From there, any remaining vibrations are guided directly to the V-Material where they are effectively absorbed and dissipated as heat.

Low-frequency, high-amplitude vibrations, such as those generated by footfalls, are reduced via the spring-like action of the V-Material and damping material combination.

Important Details

  • Each Pedestal is rated for weights up to 25lb/11.34Kg. A set of three successfully supports 75lbs. Add more Pedestals to accommodate greater weights.
  • The white colour ring indicates when max weight rating has been reached—when the ring disappears, the Pedestal has reached its maximum load.
  • Shipped in quantities of up to 3 units per box.
  • Designed for use under electronics, digital transports, power supplies, tape machines, and turntables to acoustically isolate these components from the environment as well as to substantially reduce vibrations travelling from components to the surface below.
  • NOT intended for use under loudspeakers.
  • WASAE’s patent pending design provides decoupling between outer housing and constrained damping layers.
  • Designed and manufactured alongside Wilson Audio loudspeakers in the USA.


UK RRP: £2,498 per set of three, available in the UK through distributor Absolute Sounds

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