UK Hifi Brand Wilson Benesch will form a partnership with CH Precision, TechDAS and Trinnov at the Munich High-End 2015.wilson-benesch-endeavour-carbon-fibre-loudspeaker

Wilson Benesch

Wilson Benesch will be at MOC Messe to partner its Endeavour loudspeakers with CH Precision, TechDAS and Trinnov Audio in a presentation featuring digital and analogue replay systems, amplification and digital room correction systems.

Wilson Benesch will be exhibiting the Endeavour loudspeaker constructed from carbon fibre composites and aluminium and which stand at an imposing 1.47m in height. The Endeavour’s drive unit compliment is comprised of the latest Wilson Benesch drive technologies; the Tactic II drive unit and the Semisphere Tweeter combined with the new Carbon-Nanotech Enclosure – a bell-shaped carbon-nanotech composite structure which isolates the midrange and bass air volumes entirely.

CH Precision

Swiss company CH Precision will provide amplification, power conditioning, digital-to-analogue conversion and digital replay. The A1 Amplifier, C1 Controller and D1 CD/SACD Transport will form the backbone of the Munich High End 2015 presentation, with further support from the X1 Power Conditioners.

TechDAS is the house brand of Stella Inc., the distributor of a multitude of high-end audio components in Japan, including Wilson Benesch, CH Precision and Trinnov Audio.

In 2012, Stella Inc. launched the TechDAS ‘Air Force One’ turntable. In 2014, TechDAS introduced the Air Force Two. The Air Force Two turntable, a less expensive variant of the original design which retails at £79,000, uses trickle-down technologies from the flagship, including the air bearing and the vacuum disc suction from the Air Force One.

TechDAS will present at the Munich High End 2015, the Air Force Two Turntable.
Trinnov Audio

French room optimisation experts Trinnov Audio will present the Amethyst stereo processor at the Munich High End 2015.

Wilson Benesch, CH Precision, TechDAS and Trinnov audio will be exhibiting in Room F203 of the MOC Messe Exhibition Centre.





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