Wilson audio have announced the Sasha Series-2 loudspeaker. Wilson say that with the Sasha Series-2 precise Sasha S2 Seamless-14time alignment, “so critical to harmonic expression, dynamic clarity and musicality, has reached an unprecedented degree of refinement for a two cabinet loudspeaker”r.

The Sasha Series-2 uses a modified version of the company’s Convergent Synergy Tweeter used in the Alexandria XLF the company has developed a new woofer enclosure for the new Sasha which they say means a 30% reduction in (already vanishingly low) cabinet resonances.

The Midrange/Tweeter enclosure of the Sasha Seires-2 is a two plane baffled unit which “optimises the axis response angles of the midrange unit and the CST tweeter” The tweeter portion of the baffle is made from the latest generation of Wilson’s X-Material as used in the Alexia whilst the mid-range portion of the baffle is made from S-material.

The original Sasha facilitated group delay via four different spike lengths but the Series-2 features an Alexia type alignment block with more than 20 settings which Wilson says “radically increases the accurate alignment of the Sasha drivers in the time domain and is said to give greater transient accuracy, tonal beauty, spatial retrieval and musicality”.

Shipment for existing orders is expected to be late February 2014 and the price of the Sasha series-2 is $29 900.

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