The new speaker cable from Wire on Wire, with asymmetry at the heart of its design, is to launch at the North West Audio Show, 24-25th June, at Cranage Hall, Cheshire. 

The Experience660s speaker cable uses Wire on Wire’s unique REDpurl™ adaptive asymmetric geometry. Its open, asymmetric structure means that, unlike conventionally manufactured cables, its conductors are not bound closely to each other in repeating geometries that “encourage the generation of unwanted harmonics”.

“Asymmetry is at the heart of our design”, say the company

“As wires talk to each other,” Wire On Wire’s designer and owner Chris Bell observed, “I didn’t want them having the same conversation at regular intervals along their length, so the organic appearance of the speaker cable is a reflection of the asymmetry that prevents this.”

“The design has many benefits, including the ability to adjust or tune the R-C-L relations at individual cable loops and across the music spectrum, helping to break up harmonic modes that can affect dynamic control in an audio system. This also results in a low capacitance of 69pF/m.”

Each cable is hand-made to order by Wire On Wire in Britain and normally retails at £120 per metre.  However, orders at the show will be rewarded with a special price of £99 per metre.

One early adopter is 3SquareAudio’s Stuart Dunn who uses Wire On Wire speaker cable when testing his loudspeaker designs. Explaining why, he said, “It creates more silence and blackness; it’s what it’s removing that I like, so I can focus more on what’s left, listening with greater ease to the music.”

Wire On Wire will be demonstrating the Experience660s speaker cable with Stuart and Brian of 3SquareAudio in the Fleming room at the North West Audio show.

Also being demonstrated will be the Experience680 interconnect, which received Highly Recommended from HiFi Pig, available at a special show price of £348 instead of its usual price of £448.

All cables come with a a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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