New Zealand rock act Written by Wolves have announced their upcoming debut record, SECRETS, and premiered its lead-off single, “Tell Me What You’re Running From?”, with a parkour-packed, high energy video.

Written By Wolves are undoubtedly one of the most exciting rock bands to burst out of New Zealand in recent years. Having spent the last three years perfecting their sound, touring rigorously, and netting a devoted fan base, the five-piece have emerged as the highest streamed rock band in New Zealand, having amassed more than 13 million streams worldwide and an added 10 million on YouTube. 

“Tell Me What You’re Running From?” gives fans a first taste of their upcoming debut LP, SECRETS, furthering their signature genre-bending blend of rock, pop, alternative and electronic music and tackling themes of inner turmoil and staying true to oneself. Vocalist Michael Murphy explains that the track “is all about fighting your own demons and being honest with yourself about what is holding you back in life. It intertwines fear of failure and fear of success and ultimately talks about no matter what the short term gain in running away from your demons may be, it will never fix them in the long run.”

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