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The wonderfully creative folks at Schiit got in touch with Hifi Pig to let us know they’ve begun to ship Wyrd-front-1000(1)on their Wyrd USB “Decrapifier.”

This little device isolates your USB DAC from “dirty” computer USB power, replacing it with an ultra-clean linear supply with 2.5uV RMS noise regulation. It also repeats the USB packets, using a 20ppm crystal-controlled master clock with its own local regulation.

The end result? “Wyrd eliminates typical USB audio interface problems, such as noise and dropouts. Some early listeners also say it makes their system sound better, but we’re going to stay Swiss on the subject. Bottom line, if you have problems with USB audio, this product may be for you” says Jason Stoddard. Co founder of Schiit.

Like all Schiit products, Wyrd is made in the USA. The Wyrd costs $99.

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