The Power Broker is a high-current power strip, with 8 NEMA outlets hand-wired by WyWires using their proprietary formula.  Housed in an exotic wood box, hand-crafted by Daedelus Audio, who has partnered with WyWires on this project.

The Power Broker is now available in three quality levels:

The original Power Broker, which includes the Silver Series Juice II HC, a high-current power cord specifically designed for this project.

Platinum Series Power Broker, includes a Platinum Series Juice II HC Power Cord

Diamond Series Power Broker, includes a Diamond Series Juice II HC Power Cord

For videophiles, WyWires also claim that “the Power Broker also dramatically improves performance of your big screen monitor”.


Available in American Walnut or Eastern Rock Maple with a Fiddleback Maple CNC-machined top plate
8 High Conductivity 20-Amp outlets; each outlet is effectively isolated from the others
12 AWG Asymmetrical Litz, cotton-wrapped internal wiring using WyWires’ proprietary Litz copper wire formula
Main unit is equipped with vibration-damping Isonodes
Separate anti-vibration base unit constructed of pressure-laminated American Walnut and Maple with four spiked feet
Includes a 6-foot Juice HC (High Current) integrated power cord (Silver, Platinum, Diamond)
Diamond Power Broker includes Furutech GTX outlets.


Power Broker AC Distributor with:

Diamond Juice II HC Power Cord: $4495 USD  (6 feet, $325 per foot additional)

Platinum Juice II HC Power Cord:  $3495 USD  (6 feet, $120 per foot additional)

Silver Juice II HC Power Cord: $2499 USD  (6 feet, $65 per foot additional)




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