Zu’s redesigned Soul 6 is a small to mid format, point-source design, floor standing loudspeaker made in the USA.

The American brand says that the new Zu Soul 6 is not too choosy about amp selection and room tuning and is far less fussy than its predecessors about placement within your room.

Zu Soul 6 Loudspeakers

Zu Soul 6 Loudspeakers


Zu says that the performance of the new loudspeaker is very close to their Druid 6.    Bass improvements over the first two Soul models are largely the result of the new cabinet superstructure and the all okoume cabinetry, which is high strength and highly damping to reduce distortions.

Zu Soul 6 Loudspeakers

The new Zu Soul 6 Loudspeakers feature an all new cabinet


Zu says that the new Soul “is a whole new level of cool and badassery” and works on the principles of high-efficiency, undemanding speaker load, full-range methodology designed to run without a crossover on the full-range driver and bandwidth extending down through the kick drum and deepest human voices.


H W D: 32” [81.5 cm] (without footers) 12.75” [32.5 cm] square footprint

Weight Each: 39 pounds [18 kgs]

Weight Each Packaged: 49 pounds [22 kgs]

Impedance: 8 ohm nominal, 5.1 ohm minimum, balanced load.

Sensitivity: 100 dB-SPL @ 2.8V/1m ground plane

Bandwidth, In-Room, Power Response: 38 – 28 kHz ±3dB within 10 deg of axis at listening position greater than 2meters.

Horizontal Listening Window: 45˚ @ -6dB

Vertical Listening Window: 45˚ @ -6dB

Group Delay: <5 ms

Max Power: 150 watts (full bandwidth)

Max Power: 400 watts RMS (80 Hz high-pass, 12 dB/octave. Assumes power is unclipped, amp rated at 500 or more watts @ 8 ohms)

Avg Room/Moderate SPL: 1 – 4 watts

Avg Room/Loud SPL: 5 – 20 watts

Avg Room/Big Concert Levels: 20 – 150 watts

Zu Soul 6 Loudspeakers

Zu Soul 6 Loudspeakers are shipping at the start of July 2021


From $5,999, shipping from 1st July 2021

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