Hifi Pig’s coverage of the recent Sound and Vision, The Bristol Show is now available for free download.BRISTOL FRONT

It’s full of photographs from the show along with comment from a couple of Hifi Pig contributors. There is also coverage and listings of ALL the shortlisted companies and winners for the Clarity Awards which were presented on the Friday evening.

Sponsors for the supplement are Clarity who are the trade body for audio and video in the UK and we thank them immensely for their support.

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OPPO Digital whose PM1s we reviewed here, released the HA-2 portable headphone amplifier and DAC in the last day HA-2-banneror so.

The HA-2 looks a very pretty portable headphone amplifier with built-in rechargeable battery. It is engineered to enhance music playback from mobile phones and portable music players. Its genuine leather casing with contrast stitching and beveled aluminum edges are eye-catching and cannot be confused with any other product.

Featuring hybrid class AB amplification and a USB DAC, the HA-2 offers digital-to-analogue conversion for Apple’s iPhone/iPod products, a wide range of Android devices, PC and Mac computers. The HA-2 may be used to charge mobile devices on-the-go and itself can be efficiently charged in 30 minutes.

Key features of the HA-2 include:

  • Ultra-slim Design – Stacking the HA-2 on top of some smartphone models is often still thinner than other portable headphone amplifier models alone.
  • ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC – ES9018-K2M DAC chip delivers high-resolution performance with extremely low noise and distortion.
  • High-Resolution Audio – The HA-2 supports PCM audio up to 384 kHz / 32-bit, DSD audio up to 12 MHz (DSD256 or DSD4x). No Camera Connection Kit required for high-resolution playback from iOS devices.
  • Multiple Devices Support –The HA-2 supports multiple device types for digital-to-analog conversion via USB: iPod / iPhone / iPad, smartphones with USB OTG feature, PC and Mac computers.
  • Rapid Charging – The HA-2’s internal battery can be quickly charged in about 30 minutes with the patented rapid charger.
  • Mobile Power Bank – The HA-2 functions as an external battery pack to charge mobile devices.

The HA-2 offers two USB DAC input ports – one for Apple’s iPhone/iPod, and the other for Android devices, PC and Mac computers. A 3.5 mm input works with the remaining portable music players that do not have a USB-compatible digital output. There are two gain level settings. The High Gain mode is capable of driving large power-hungry headphones, delivering up to 300 mW into 16-Ohm headphones. The Low Gain mode is intended for sensitive In-Ear Monitor type earphones. For users who like a bit more punch and impact with their music, the HA-2 offers a Bass Boost function that is implemented purely with analogue audio circuits.

The HA-2 is available now in limited supply from OPPO Digital’s web site at a retail price of $299.


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ADL (Alpha Design Labs), sister brand of Tokyo-based Furutech, unveils its second headphone, taking the smoothness ADL H-128 silver_brown 3_4and balance of the existing H118 and adding vividly increased dynamics.

“With these, our latest breakthrough headphones, we decided to take the performance of our now classic H118 headphones one step further,” said ADL. “We wanted to retain the H118’s smooth, well-balanced sound which has captivated so many headphone enthusiasts, but we also wanted to improve dynamics and recreate the same ‘punch’ that you hear during live performances – a lofty goal for a pair of headphones.”

To accomplish this, the brand’s engineers designed and developed a completely new driver from scratch in collaboration with colleagues at parent company Furutech and with input from an external team of renowned Japanese audio experts.

“The H128 is a dynamic closed-back circumaural headphone. Its tailor-made diaphragms offer both high noise attenuation and low distortion, and feature high quality PEEK film with a specially designed surface selected for extraordinary performance. Furutech’s ‘Pure Transmission’ technologies abound: 40mm high-resolution extra-large high-flux neodymium drivers magnets; an aligning ring engineered to ensure phase coherence in ultra-high frequencies; rhodium-plated mini XLR sockets; all-OCC internal wiring, and excellent transient response from extremely lightweight coils made with copper-coated special aluminium alloy wire”.

All of the drivers’ metal parts are ‘Alpha-Process’ treated1, a low-temperature two-stage cryogenic and anti-magnetic process.

The H128 also features Alpha Triform Contour EarcupsTM which are specially designed for a superior seal over the ears, improving bass response . The Triform Contour also reduces internal standing waves and reflections for reduced distortion.

Included in the ADL H128 package are two Furutech headphone cables.


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The new Spendor A5R is an ultra‐compact 2.5 way, floor‐standing loudspeaker. newspendor

“We believe the Spendor A5R is the most room‐friendly ultra‐ compact floor standing loudspeaker ever created. With its slim elegant proportions, and sound performance which is almost independent of room placement it is the perfect loudspeaker for any small room” says the company’s press release and continues “Because the A5R is efficient and easy to drive it doesn’t place heavy demands on your amplifier. That means you don’t have to spend a fortune on your amplifier to put together a brilliant sound system”.

Both drivers feature cast magnesium alloy chassis, high  efficiency motor systems, optimised electro‐dynamic damping, and excellent thermal dissipation for wide dynamic range.

A 15cm EP77 polymer coned bass‐mid driver handles all the mid‐range frequencies and, at modest listening levels, most of the low frequencies.

As the low frequency content of the music increases an ultra‐rigid two part bonded Kevlar composite coned 15cm driver begins to handle more of the low frequencies. The low inertia Kevlar cone allows it to react “instantly and accurately to changes in the music signal – just like the second turbocharger in a modern high performance car engine”.

With its unique driver combination the A5R also offers efficiency and very high power handling and it does not require any form of tuned port or line. “Consequently The  A5R is free from the low frequency phase anomalies and ‘slow’ bass reproduction which add an un‐natural element to the sound of all conventionally ported loudspeakers”.

High frequencies are handled by a 22mm wide‐surround tweeter with a polyamide textile diaphragm. Its acoustic output is phase and time‐aligned with the mid‐bass driver output to create a wide even listening window.

Spendor A5R UK retail price is £1,995.00 per pair for veneer finishes and £2,195.00 for satin white lacquer finish.


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UK network audio specialist Sygnifi has unveiled a flagship addition to its NOVAFIDELITY X-Series CD-ripper/streamer/music server devices, the NOVAFiDELITY X40. Novafideilty
The X40 is a pure source device offering native DSD, DXD and PCM support up to 32bit/192kHz. Using the ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC with its -127dB S/N ratio, there’s a massive toroidal power supply, dual differential balanced outputs and heavyweight construction including a 12mm thick fascia panel.

Like other models in the X-Series line-up, the X40 offers the convenience of high-speed, lossless CD ripping to its on-board storage (HDD or SSD), analogue and digital inputs with 24bit/192kHz recording and a Moving Magnet phono input for direct recording from vinyl. CD ripping formats include FLAC, ALAC and WAV, and a built-in music server database and cover art look-up feature ensure the ripped music library is well organised and easy to access. The 5inch colour display can be configured to the user’s preference, and the X40 can be controlled by the facia buttons, the supplied remote control, a Web UI or by a host of UPnP smartphone and tablet apps.

The X40 will support High Resolution audio formats, including DSD128 and DXD 24bit/352.8kHz, and has services like Qobuz built-in and others to follow. UPnP as well as Sonos libraries are fully supported and the Airplay-compatible Shareplay feature allows direct streaming from Apple/iOS devices. Radio fans have the option of Reciva’s internet radio service or the X40’s built-in high quality FM tuner. Supplied with a range of storage options (including SSD) and convenient library back-up features, the X40’s firmware is stored on persistent memory so swapping out hard drives for upgrade or archiving is simply plug and play.

The X40’s analogue output is by balanced XLR and single-ended RCA outputs, while it simultaneously provides coaxial and optical S/PDIF as well as AES/EBU digital outputs. The extensive connectivity options facilitate easy integration of the X40 into existing audiophile music systems or for upgrade with the user’s preferred choice of high-end DAC. A high quality 32ohm headphone output is delivered via the front mounted 1/4inch jack. The X40 also offers an HDMI output and full HD resolution on-screen GUI, making it an ideal music hub for custom installed home entertainment systems.

The NOVAFIDELITY X40 is available in black or silver finish and in the following options:
Bare £1,199.00 SRP
2TB HDD £1,299.00 SRP
4TB HDD £1,399.00 SRP
512 SSD £1,499.00 SRP
1TB SSD £1,899.00 SRP


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Danish lifestyle audio brand, Clint Digital, launches in the UK with the Clint Asgard™ series Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speakers. Brought to the UK market by network audio specialist Sygnifi, Clint Digital has been pioneering 14.FREYA-Black-Outdoor2JPDAB, DAB+ and internet radio technology and winning product and design awards in the Nordics since 2008.

The Clint Asgard™ series initially comprises the Freya – a compact, portable, wireless loudspeaker in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth variants, and the flagship Odin – a powerful Wi-Fi stereo speaker which delivers room filling sound. Both models major on design, ease of use and flexibility with the Clint Asgard™ control App and the built-in battery on the Freya means truly portable audio. Wi-Fi versions offer: push button Wi-Fi setup, multiroom mode, Airplay, and DNLA streaming, Spotify Connect, Internet Radio and a point-to-point Wi-Fi Music Direct function (to link with your mobile device without the need for a Wi-Fi network).

The Freya is a cylindrical wireless speaker just 100mm in diameter and 215mm tall. Driven by a Class D amplifier, the Freya offers a multifunction USB port that can be used for charging portable devices, music playback from iOS devices, or a Subwoofer upgrade. The built-in Li-Ion battery offers up to 6 hours portable playback and a 3.5mm Aux-in input ensures the Freya can be used with any available music source. The Bluetooth-only version will link to any Bluetooth enabled device while the Wi-Fi version adds a suite of network functionality including DNLA-based streaming up to 24bit/192kHz audio, multiroom, Airplay, Spotify Connect and 4-speaker party mode and both versions (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth) can be linked to create stereo pair.

The Odin is a contemporary full size wireless loudspeaker for the larger room, offering “audiophile performance with cutting edge functionality”. At nearly 400mm tall on its own stylish aluminium stand, the powerful Odin Wi-Fi stereo speaker offers 2x25Watts of Class D amplification in a bass reflex enclosure for rich, deep bass. Like the Freya, the Odin can be accessed through the Clint Asgard™ App and offers push button Wi-Fi set-up, Airplay and DNLA streaming, Spotify Connect, internet radio, multiroom, 4-speaker party mode, stereo pairing and is capable of streaming a range of audio formats from MP3 to FLAC up to 24bit/192kHz. Odin also offers a USB port for iOS device connection, subwoofer upgrade or charging a mobile device and a 3.5mm jack input for connection to any legacy source.

The Clint Asgard™ products will be sold through leading retail stores backed up by a live customer helpdesk and Service Centre based at the Sygnifi head office in Sevenoaks, Kent. Further additions to the range are planned for release throughout 2015.

Clint Digital Asgard series is available now in chalk white or charcoal grey finish

Freya Bluetooth £143.95 SRP
Freya WiFi £189.95 SRP
Odin £319.95 SRP


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“The new Revolution XT series is the launchpad for some of Tannoy’s most advanced technologies to date. A radical new Dual Concentric™ driver, innovative dual-cavity reflex coupled enclosures and state of the art acoustic engineering build on the already successful Revolution series’ trapezoid cabinet design. Enhanced musical articulation, improved dynamics, smoother integration and stunning imaging result in a truly class-leading series of luxury loudspeakers” says Tannoy’s latest press release.

Revolution XT is Tannoy’s first loudspeaker series to use the new Dual Concentric driver with Omnimagnet™ motor and Torus Ogive Waveguide™. New patent pending technologies mean some sweeping changes are TannoyRevolutionXTincorporated into this latest development of Tannoy’s proprietary point source drivers. Both HF and LF drive units utilise a single shared magnet and a revolutionary waveguide integrating a Torus (donut shaped) HF diaphragm and an Ogive (bullet shaped) phase plug.

Revolution XT cabinets are based on the successful Revolution formula of a trapezoid design to reduce internal reflections, and a heavyweight, braced cabinet construction. Revolution XT floorstanding models (XT 6F and XT 8F) employ a reflex-coupled dual cavity design. This is said to optimise the performance of the new Omnimagnet Dual across extremely low to mid-bass frequencies, the design uses two internal cavities with tuned porting between the two.

The new Revolution XT plinth is an integral part of the design’s acoustic engineering. It offers exceptional loudspeaker stability and forms part of the reflex loading system on the XT6 bookshelf, and the 6” and 8” floorstanding models. On these three models, energy exits from a down-firing port and is evenly directed into the room, resulting in deep bass with exceptional differentiation of instrumental notes. In addition, the design reduces room boundary effects and facilitates easy loudspeaker placement.

Revolution XT cabinets are available in either dark walnut or medium oak real wood veneers and finished with extensive detailing. From the engraved aluminium driver trims to the Tannoy logo machined into each driver bolt, Revolution XT models are in a class of their own at the price. The integrated plinth on floorstanding models features chunky, easy to adjust aluminium floors spikes with locking thumb wheel and eye catching chrome pillars. The Revolution XT6 stand mount and XTC centre-channel model have matching plinth assemblies for unrivalled stability and a truly unique Revolution XT style. The XTC plinth allows the speaker to be tilted up and down for seamless integration above or below a TV or behind an acoustically transparent projection screen.

The all-new Dual Concentric driver combined with the fully optimised cabinet design ensures Revolution XT delivers class-leading accuracy, exceptional off-axis high frequency energy and a natural and expansive soundstage.

You can experience the new speakers at Sound and Vision Bristol in Room 310
Available now:
Revolution XT 8F walnut/oak £1,299 pair
Revolution XT 6F walnut/oak £999 pair
Revolution XT 6 walnut/oak £599 pair

Available late spring 2015:
Revolution XT Mini walnut/oak £399 pair
Revolution XTC centre walnut/oak £399 each


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Auden Distribution got in touch to tell Hifi Pig what they will be up to at Bristol Sound and Vision this year. audenBristolPic
Auden will be in room 406 where you will be able to ” See and hear the very best in lifestyle computer audio”from Auden Distribution”.

The luxury Aria and Aria Mini music streamer front end, feeding the M2Tech Young DSD Dac, Albarry 1108 Monobloks and a selection of Amphion Argon loudspeakers will all be on demonstration at Bristol Sound and Vision.


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The Chord Company has chosen Sound and Vision to launch its new flagship cable. The cable manufacturer will reveal the new Sarum Super ARAY analogue, digital and power cables, plus its new high-end analogue TCCinterconnect, Chord Music.

New: Sarum Super ARAY analogue, digital and power cables 

“The new Sarum Super ARAY analogue, digital and power cables are testament to just how much musical information conventional cables can lose or corrupt. Sarum Super ARAY builds on the musical coherence that made the award-winning Sarum Tuned ARAY cables so popular, the new ARAY configuration revealing levels of detail, dynamics and naturalness of timbre that are quite extraordinary” comments the company’s latest press release.

What makes Sarum Super ARAY really special is that it’s retro-fittable: owners of the original Sarum Tuned ARAY interconnects and power cables can upgrade to full Super ARAY specification!

The new Chord Sarum Super ARAY is available in RCA to RCA, DIN to DIN, XLR to XLR, RCA to DIN, DIN to XLR and any custom combination of the above. What was regarded as one of the best interconnects available has just got an awful lot better.

Chord Sarum Super ARAY analogue, digital and power cable key features 

New Super ARAY conductor configuration New PTFE RCA plug surrounds

New Chord UK mains plugs New Chord IEC plugs

New: Chord Music 

The Chord Music is most ambitious interconnect to date say the company.  It’s an unashamedly high-end analogue interconnect and sits above the flagship Sarum Super ARAY range. Chord Music is a development of Sarum Super ARAY’s unique conductor configuration and has been designed using a new insulating material never before used with audio cables: Taylon™.

Taylon™ is “unique to Chord and is the best dielectric the company has ever used”.

The wealth of detail that the Chord Music carries is quite extraordinary. Even better, though, is the way that Chord Music allows you to listen entirely to the music, so much so that even bad recordings turn into the musical performances they were always intended to be!

Chord Music is available in RCA to RCA, DIN to DIN, XLR to XLR, RCA to DIN, DIN to XLR and any custom combination of the above.

Chord Music analogue cable key features 

New Taylon™ insulation

New PTFE RCA plug surrounds

New Super ARAY conductor configuration New signal/return conductor configuration


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Quad celebrates its 79th year of audio innovation with an all-new loudspeaker range: the S Series, launching this spring and set to be unveiled exclusively at Sound & Vision – The Bristol Show. Incorporating a specially quadspeakersnewdesigned ribbon tweeter, the range consists of two standmount models, two floorstanders and a centre speaker for multichannel systems, with prices set to start at £600 per pair. Visitors to the Quad room will be the first in the world to hear speakers from the S Series on demonstration.

Quad is treating showgoers to a world-exclusive preview of two components from an exciting new range of audio electronics, due to arrive this autumn. Visit the Quad room to get the lowdown…

Visitors can also peruse the latest amps and speakers from three of Quad’s illustrious sister brands – Luxman, Mission and Wharfedale.


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Métronome Technologie was founded in 1987, and the brand has developed a global reputation for its digital audio players players. The company designs and manufactures all the products in France, in its workshop METLEPLAYEZRlocated in Roquemaure near Toulouse.

Métronome launches now two new devices, which were unveiled at CES in Las Vegas last January :

  • Le Player, a brand new CD Player and DAC, combining the high quality of their 100% French manufacturing with a entry-range pricing
  • C8 + DAC, which is the evolution of the prestigious DACs of the brand Métronome including the latest innovations enabling reading of native DSD files (64 to 512)


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Russ Andrews Accessories has teamed up with The Multi-Room Company/RPD Distribution, the UK distributors for Heed Audio and Parasound, to provide the infrastructure of power supply, interconnect, speaker and RABRISTOLPICdigital cabling and support racks, to “bring out the very best in the equipment on demonstration”.

TMRC/RPD has chosen to use the Russ Andrews BMU3000 balanced mains unit, with its 3KVA output, to provide a substantially better supply than is usual in the hotel environment. Connecting the BMU to the electronics will be a selection of PowerKords, including the new PowerKord-300 and the DCT treated PowerBlock.

Connection of the source equipment to the pre-amps and on to the power amps will be done via a mixture of the Kimber Select KS-2020 digital interconnects, OPT-1 optical cable and Kimber SilverStreak analogue interconnects. The speaker connections for the two systems will be handled by the renowned Kimber Select series, with the KS3033 and KS3035 models in operation.

The Heed Thesis and Parasound electronics, plus supporting source equipment from Cabasse (Stream Source) and Project (Xtension 12 turntable) will be securely mounted on the Russ Andrews Torlyte AV rack; See them in room 322 at the Bristol Marriott


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Pro-Ject Audio Systems are adding to their current range of record players with a new version of the 2 Xperience design.

The new 2 Xperience SB “incorporates over 20 years of turntable design experience to produce a relatively compact and affordable high-end vinyl record player that offers truly outstanding performance”.ProJEct_Xperience_2_SB

Based on the same basic plinth design as its predecessor, the 2 Xperience SB is available in four finishes   –   Piano   Black,   Olive ,Walnut  and  Mahogany.  It  also  utilises  the  same vinyl-topped sandwich platter. Where the 2 Xperience SB is elevated to a new performance level is with the addition of a new motor, new automatic speed control and new tonearm.

The new precision motor is driven by an efficient DC power supply and regulated by a built-in electronic speed changer. So not only does the neatly integrated speed control offer easy switching between 331/3  and 45RPM, but it also acts as an AC generator for the motor to ensure a clean and stable power signal. The pre-installed 9CC Evolution tonearm has been proven by other Pro-Ject turntables such as the Xtension 9 SuperPack. Benefiting from a light-weight one-piece carbon fibre tube that’s mounted inside a heavy assembly, which draws vibrations away from the signal wires, and finished with a sorbothane-damped counterweight; “it typifies the audiophile characteristics of the whole turntable”.

The turntable is supplied with an Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge pre-fitted. An acrylic dust cover, screw-on record clamp and coned feet finish off the package.

The 2 Xperience SB will be shown in the UK for the first time at Bristol Sound & Vision Show, 2015. in Room 418.


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Kudos Audio to preview new flagship Titan 808 loudspeaker with Linn Exakt technology.Kudos Titan 808

Until now the Titan 88 has held its own as Kudos Audio’s flagship loudspeaker but now Kudos is ready to unveil the prototype of its successor: the new Titan 808. Only the two isobaric bass drivers remain identical to those in the original T88. The mid-bass driver, tweeter and crossover have all been advanced and refined, while the all-new and even more complex cabinet features an interesting avant-garde design.

Kudos Audio has been working with Linn to bring the performance of Linn Exakt into the Kudos range of loudspeakers.

Launched by Linn in 2013, Exakt is a new technology that has “revolutionized the world of hi-fi”. Exakt enables a wide range of performance- and personalisation-enhancing capabilities in design, in manufacture and in-home. Sources of noise and distortion that exist in the traditional analogue hi-fi chain are eliminated so what is heard is a more faithful reproduction of the music as it was recorded. Indeed, when we recently heard the Linn Exakt system in play it was certainly impressive.
The team at Kudos is delighted to be working closely with Linn to develop Exakt support for its three top-of-range speakers: the Super 10, Super 20 and the new flagship Titan 808.


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Parasound, the electronics brand from California, will be on demonstration alongside Heed Audio in the Heed/GIK Acoustics room at Sound & Vision.zdac_v.2_black_angle_300

The UK distributor of Heed Audio has recently acquired the exclusive distribution rights to the Parasound brand for the UK and will be presenting a selection of products for show attendees to enjoy. Products from the flagship Halo range, including the A21 stereo power amplifier, JC2BP pre-amplifier and JC3+ phono stage, created by the respected circuit designer John Curl, will be on demonstration. The recently announced Halo Integrated amp, the ‘Hint’, will also be on display.

Visitors to room 322 will also be able to experience their DAC/headphone amp, the Parasound Zdac v.2. With its Analog Devices 24 bit/192kHz DAC, USB, optical and coax digital inputs and both RCA and balanced XLR outputs, the Zdac v.2 is siad to be “a feature packed solution in a small form factor”. It’s compatible with a wide range of headphones, from 32 to 600 ohms impedance and has separate volume control provided to the 6.35 and 3.5mm headphone jacks.


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“Three decades of cable-building expertise have gone into the new Signature ARAY power cable which introduces the company’s proprietary ARAY conductor Picture 2069technology into a sub-£1,000 power cable for the first time” announces the latest press release from The Chord Company.

Signature ARAY features a very high-density braided shield in combination with a heavy-gauge foil shield, “but what separates it from ordinary mains cables is the use of The Chord Company’s proprietary ARAY conductor technology, which has given the company’s ARAY-based signal- carrying cable range an extraordinary sonic advantage”.

Signature ARAY power cable has been fitted with a new high-performance UK mains plug and IEC connector. Mains plugs are notoriously tricky to  get right, but The Chord Company has worked closely with a specialist company to produce high-performance plugs made exactly to specification. The plugs’ contacts have been heavily silver-plated and the terminals are designed to be very secure. Even the 13-amp fuse has been carefully chosen. The plugs will be used on The Chord Company’s Sarum Super ARAY power cable. 

The Chord Company’s Tuned ARAY technology was originally developed for the flagship Sarum cable range, but Tuned ARAY’s reputation for producing new levels of transparency, detail, coherence and musical involvement, soon meant the technology was introduced across a wider cable range, most recently digital and streaming products and, of course, mains cables.

The Signature ARAY power is available now priced at £500 (1m), plus a £100 supplement for each additional metre.


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Chord Electronics has thoroughly updated its popular ‘digital’ integrated the CPM 2800, to MkII status. The new version adds the FPGA-based D/A converter CHORDNEWSBRISTOLfrom the award- winning Hugo and 2Qute DACs, to create an amplifier of “unrivalled flexibility”. The CPM 2800MkII will be formally launched at Sound and Vision 2015 (the Bristol show).

The 120-watt aptX Bluetooth-enabled CPM 2800 MkII brings the latest Rob Watts’ proprietary DAC technology into an affordable high-end Chord amplifier and introduces the same high-performance Spartan 6 FPGA as the Hugo.

The Hugo/2Qute DAC stage within the CPM 2800 MkII offers support for up to 32- bit/384kHz audio via BNC coax and USB, and 24-bit/192kHz over optical. DSD64 is supported on all inputs and DSD128 is supported via coax or USB (all via DoP). The amp features a Class 2 USB input which has been galvanically isolated for greater sonic performance; this has been achieved using a novel technique which allows for very high data rates of up to  384kHz; the input is driverless on Apple and Android devices, with (ASIO included) drivers  for Windows devices. The CPM 2800 MkII also offers wireless connectivity via Chord’s high- quality custom-designed aptX Bluetooth receiver, which uses a very simple pairing  procedure and has a range of up to 30 meters.

A large, easy-to-read front-panel screen, which is a departure from traditional Chord amplifiers, shows input type and volume information and can easily be seen from a typical listening position. Further features include four heavy-duty gold- plated binding posts, remote control and Chord’s legendary aircraft-grade aluminium chassis and casework.

The CPM 2800 MkII’s power is delivered courtesy of Chord’s proprietary ultra-high-frequency power supply, which “has the ability to store energy far more efficiently than conventional designs. The technology gives the amplifier section enormous reserves of instantly delivered, precisely controlled power, which is capable of taming even the most demanding loudspeaker”.

For home cinema compatibility, an A/V bypass input is incorporated, so that the CPM 2800MkII can be used in conjunction with an A/V processor without the need for a separate amplifier.


Unbalanced inputs: 3

Balanced inputs: 2 (3-pin female XLR inputs both with RCA phono-style input sockets wired asymmetrically in parallel)

Digital inputs: coax (support for up to 32-bit/384kHz); TOSLink optical (24-bit/192kHz); galvanically isolated Class 2 USB input up to 384kHz; DSD64 supported on all inputs, DSD128 supported via coax or USB input (all via DoP)

Wireless input: Bluetooth aptX and A2DP AV bypass: 2x RCA phono-style inputs

Intermodulation distortion: -100dB all inputs Signal to noise ratio: -93dB all inputs Frequency range: 2.5Hz – 200kHz (-3dB)

Harmonic distortion: 10 Hz –91dB; 1kHz –93dB; 10kHz –90dB and 20kHz –87dB Channel separation: 10 Hz –90dB; 1kHz 90dB; 10kHz 90dB and 20kHz 85dB Channel balance: 0.01dB

Input impedance: unbalanced 47kOhms; balanced 94kOhms (Line 1 and Line 2)


Output power: 120Wrms per channel @ 0.05% distortion into 8 Ohms; 170Wrms per channel into 4 Ohms

Dynamic Headroom: 180Wrms per channel into 8 Ohms; 220Wrms per channel into 4 Ohms Frequency Response: -1dB, 0.8Hz to 46kHz (8 Ohms); -3dB, 0.8Hz to 77kHz (8 Ohms); -1dB, 0.8Hz to 39kHz (4 Ohms) and -3dB, 0.8Hz to 75kHz (4 Ohms)

Signal to noise ratio: better than –103dB, ‘A’ weighted two thirds Channel separation: -80dB

Output impedance: 0.03 Ohms Output inductance: 2.6mH

Output connections: 2x rhodium binding posts Slew rate: 70V per S, 1kHz 20V square wave Gain: 23dB

Stability: unconditional

Dimensions: 420mm (W) x 355mm (D) x 133mm (H) Weight: 16Kg

The new CPM 2800 MkII is available now. Price: £6,690


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Naim today confirmed the arrival of a new product in its core range: a performance upgradeable preamplifier including full network audio and zero S/PDIF jitter naimnac272DAC.

The NAC-N 272 streaming preamplifier will be available from Naim’s specialist retailers in March at a cost of £3,300 or £3,595 including a DAB+/FM module. 

Naim envisages that many customers of the NAC-N 272 will be upgrading from SuperUniti, or NaimUniti 2 if they are already enjoying network audio or from an existing pre-amp like a NAC 202 if they are not.  In both cases the likely matching power amplifier would be the NAP 200 or NAP 250. The NAC-N 272 will also bring new customers to the Naim brand possibly initially as a front end to their existing power amplifiers or “for someone looking for an extra degree of performance over a Uniti solution without losing out on convenience and functionality”.

Inputs and music sources include: UPnPTM hi-res streaming, Spotify® Connect, Bluetooth® (aptX®), iRadio, DAB+/FM, 6 digital, 3 analogue and one USB input for iPod or USB sticks. A combination that should be ideal for music lovers.

The NAC-N 272 is the first Naim product to be DSD64 compatible.

DSD files can be played back on the 272 via the UPnPTM, electrical S/PDIF or USB inputs. The digital header information is stripped out by the DSP leaving only the audio, which is optimised for the DAC by integer resampling the stream at 40bit/768kHz, using Naim software to maintain the high sample rate and accuracy. This adapted DSD stream then enters the 24bit DAC, bypassing the DACs internal digital filter. 

The S/PDIF inputs on the NAC-N 272 utilise Naim’s proprietary zero S/PDIF design using the SHARC processor to buffer the incoming S/PDIF signal and clocking it out of the buffer referencing a precision quartz crystal.

The SHARC runs unique Naim-authored software to create an ultra-high precision 40-bit floating-point filter. The filter over-samples by 16 times on 44.1kHz data and provides stop-band attenuation of -156dB. The analogue output includes Naim’s classic discrete five-pole Sallen Key filter.

The analogue and digital sections of the 272 are isolated to reduce noise and communicate using fast opto-isolators. Four separate secondaries from the transformer ensure the optimum power supply isolation and also the ideal voltages and regulation for the Analogue, DAC, and two digital rails. The circuit boards are float-mounted to reduce microphony.

The 272 volume control is derived from the design featured in the flagship Naim Statement NAC S1 preamplifier. It uses hand-selected, through-hole analogue components which are isolated from their digital controller using optical chips.

All the analogue inputs, outputs and mutes are relay switched and completely disconnected when not in use. The relays, in traditional Naim engineering practice, are fed from constant current sources for the lowest interaction and lowest noise.

The moment headphones are plugged in the output current drive is automatically increased by five times to give dynamic drive for all headphone impedances. The amplifier runs from a high voltage power supply so has the ability to drive high impedance headphones with the voltage swing they require for open and dynamic sound.


Outputs Preamplifier (2 x DIN, 1 x RCA), Line (1 x RCA), Digital S/PDIF (1 x BNC), Headphones (1 x 6.3mm)

Preamp Output 775mV

Line output 275mV

Frequency Response 4Hz – 40kHz

S/N Ratio 87dB (measured at 2V in, 775mV out)

Analogue Inputs 3 ( 1 x DIN, 2 x RCA)

Analogue Input Sensitivity 275mV

Analogue Input Overload  34dB

Digital Inputs 6 (1 x BNC, 2 x RCA, 3 x TosLink)

Digital Input Sample Rate Max  Coaxial – 192kHz, Optical – 96kHz

Other Inputs DAB/FM, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

iRadio Service vTuner 5* full service

Audio Formats WAV and AIFF (up to 32bit/192kHz), FLAC (up to 24bit/192kHz), ALAC (up to 24bit/96kHz), WMA (up to 16bit/48kHz), Ogg Vorbis (up to 16bit/48kHz), MP3, M4a (up to 320kbit/s), Playlists (m3u, PLS), DSF64 and DFF64, Gapless playback supported on MP3, M4A, AIFF, WAV, FLAC and ALAC.

Internet radio formats supported: AAC, Windows Media™ formatted content, MP3 streams, MMS, Ogg Vorbis, Spotify® Connect: Ogg Vorbis (up to 320kps) Bluetooth: SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX-LL

Upgrade Interface mini-USB

Wi-Fi Compatibility 802.11b, 802.11g

Idle power consumption  21W

Mains Supply 100V, 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz

Power Supply Options 555PS, XPS, XP5 XS

Dimensions (H x W x D)  87 x 432 x 314mm

Weight 12.5kg

Finish Black anodised aluminium with brushed and black anodised fascia


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New British company, Sonic Concept, to launch the Modern British Audio brand at Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show MBAco Team_2

New British based hi-fi design and manufacturing company Sonic Concept Ltd. will launch its initial range of loudspeaker and electronics products under the Modern British Audio Company brand at the forthcoming Sound & Vision Show in Bristol during February. Visitors will see two new models of loudspeaker and the company’s first amplifier design being demonstrated in room 204 at the Marriott Hotel from 20-22 February.

Managing director Darren Hollands founded the business in May 2014 by purchasing the assets of erstwhile loudspeaker manufacturer, O’hEocha. The small team of people, comprising an acoustics engineer, prototyping and production staff and admin, is dedicated to taking the existing and well-respected designs of O’hEocha to the next level. The plan is to produce loudspeakers with truly high fidelity qualities that present a stunning aesthetic, making them desirable to both audiophiles and design conscious consumers.

The original O’hEocha D1 range will be the first to undergo development and improvement, with a standmount and a floorstanding speaker debuting at the Bristol show. Further models, including additional developments of O’hEocha models and wholly new designs will be introduced over the next six months.

Hollands’ mission is to build up a substantial audio business at the company’s Manston, Kent, facility; with design and manufacturing all taking place at its UK base and as many components as possible being sourced from UK businesses.

In keeping with the increasing economic necessity for hi-fi companies to produce a wider range of products, the business will also be focusing its efforts on the development of electronics. Initially a substantially engineered integrated amplifier will be launched at Bristol, which sports 150 watts per channel, dual mono class AB design and the option of built-in digital or phono stages.

“I’ve been a music loving engineer for many years. Having taking the decision to leave the world of employment, I am now able to turn my attention to my real passion and build a new British based hi-fi company.” comments Hollands. “We are a close-knit team of people all focused on making the best performing and fabricated products we can and bringing them to the attention of the traditional audiophile market, but also to those people who want a piece of desirable modern equipment in their homes. I don’t believe in the mantra that form must follow function, as this often results in great sounding but unattractive hi-fi. It is perfectly possible for the two states to happily coexist and this is our philosophy behind the creation of our products under the Modern British Audio Company brand – a name that sums up all we stand for. Given the huge interest in music playback, the vinyl comeback, interest in high-resolution audio and ever more design aware consumer, we know we will have something of interest when we launch. We look forward to sharing our excitement with you at the Bristol show.”

MBAco products can be found in room 204, Marriott City Centre Hotel, Bristol, 20-22 February


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Sound & Vision The Bristol Show, the UK’s largest and longest running hi-fi show, will feature MQA, Meridian Audio’s “revolutionary” new music technology. 2684-Explorer2-44-Main-Hero3AV2Standing for Master Quality Authenticated, MQA “captures the total essence of an original recording and conveys it all the way to the listener, ensuring that what the listener hears is identical to the master recording” or so that’s what the company’s press release tells us.

To coincide with the show, Meridian retail partner Sevenoaks Sound & Vision Bristol is holding a special MQA event, including open demonstrations of the technology using a Meridian Audio flagship sound system, and an invite-only discussion.

Announced at the end of 2014, MQA has swiftly captured the attention of music artists, recording engineers, journalists, and music fans alike. Indeed, What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision has already said of MQA – “The biggest advance in audio quality for decades? Quite possibly.”

Meridian MQA Demonstration Event Dates and Times 

Sound & Vision The Bristol Show, Marriott City Centre Hotel*, Bristol, BS1 3AD 

*Demonstrations will be held in the Bristol Suite

Friday 20th February 10:00am – 5:00pm Saturday 21st February 10:00am – 5:00pm Sunday 22nd February 10:00am – 5:00pm

Sevenoaks Sound & Vision, 92b Whiteladies Rd, Avon, Bristol, BS8 2QN 

Friday to Sunday: Meridian and Sevenoaks Sound & Vision present a range of Meridian Audio products and demonstrations.

Saturday 21st February at 11:00am* – Richard Hollinshead, Meridian’s Director of Engineering, presents MQA (invite only).


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