Burson was formed in 1969 by a team of audiophiles with the idea of pooling their knowledge and developing a few projects for themselves to enjoy.  Their first commercial project was launched in 2005 and on 1st July 2012 they release their latest – the Soloist headphone amplifier and pre amplifier.

The Burson soloist will have fully discreet circuitry, a fully symmetrical FET input stage and will operate in pure Class A.

There will be no op amps in the Soloist as Burson believe then to be inferior with many low quality parts and unnecessary components which could degrade the audio signal.

The FET input stage has only 21 components in the signal path which compares to around 50 in typical IC OPamp.

Other features include a Variable Output Stage (which allows better matching with any type of headphone and is said to be capable of driving even the most difficult load including planar magnetic headphones) a High resolution volume control, a low noise power supply and a resonance free enclosure.

Price will be 960$


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