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Aavik Acoustics has announced that the Aavik S-180/280/580 series have received Roon Ready certification from Roon Labs.

The Danish high-end audio brand Aavik has become well known for designing and manufacturing their various series of amplifiers, digital-to-analogue converters, streamers, and phono stages.

Aavik S-180/280/580 Series Roon Ready

Aavik S-180/280/580 Series Roon Ready

AAVIK S-180/280/580 SERIES

For these latest series of products, which launched in early 2021, Aavik uses Tesla coils, dither circuitry and anti-aerial resonance coils which are all  premium technologies from their sister company, Ansuz Acoustics, to bring the noise level down and to secure an unconstrained signal flow.

You can read more about the Aavik 180/280 and 580 series here.


Roon is a popular audiophile choice that lets the user browse, organize, and listen to music. Artist photos, credits, bios, reviews, lyrics, tour dates, and composers are located automatically, then interconnected by links to build a surfable digital magazine. Roon is also a multi-room, multi-user networked audio platform, it offers features such as bit-perfect playback, DSD and PCM upsampling, multichannel support, and Signal Path display.

Being Roon Ready means that Aavik Streamers transparently discover and connect to Roon without any configuration, and bit-perfect audio is delivered from Roon to the Aavik streamer.

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