Acoustic Research have chosen Japan and the UK markets in which to launch the total rebirth of the 60 year old brand. ar-ua1-dac-small-2The UA1 is the first product from the new Acoustic Research Digital and High-End Division.

The 24/192 UA1 is a DAC designed to upgrade the sound from any computer, to deliver genuine High-Definition audio and play virtually any HD audio file via headphones, active speakers or Hi-Fi. It comes with a free copy of JRiver Media Centre software for Mac and Windows.

A huge amount of work has gone into the design of the digital, analogue AND the power stages.

As a Compact Portable DAC, the UA1 is USB host-powered so needs no mains supply. “The specifically engineered headphone amp is one of the most powerful available on any device like this and is able to drive the most serious headphones” says the company’s press release.

The small heavy DAC, is constructed of aerospace grade aluminium, with exceptional anti-vibration properties. High-end components are used throughout on a single circuit board. Build quality is exceptional. Damped rubber feet secure the UA1 when used on a desk.


Digital-to-Analogue Converter 

– Burr-Brown PCM1794a

Current-Voltage Converter 

– Dual Burr-Brown OPA2134

Headphone Amplifier

– Texas Instrument TPA6120A2

– Power (THD < 0.01%) / 32 ohms 400mW + 400 mW / 300 ohms 43mW + 43mW


– USB 2.0 (host powered)

– USB Audio Class 2.0 (Asynchronous mode)


– Headphone Output (6.3 mm)

– Gold Plated Brass RCA (Right)

– Gold Plated Brass RCA (Left)

– Optical (TOSLINK)

Supported Formats

– 44.1 kHz – 48 kHz

– 88.2 kHz – 96 kHz

– 176.4 kHz

– 192 kHz (Analogue output only)

– Higher than 192 kHz (Supported through high precision conversion in JRiver Media Center)

– DSD64/DSD128 (Supported through high precision conversion in JRiver Media Centre) Sponsorship button

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