German turntable manufacturer, Acoustic Signature, say that they have been achieving “significant technology breakthroughs” over the last 18 months which has led to them developing the all new 2020 NEO line.

Acoustic Signature’s NEO turntable series showcases their brand-new DTD bearing and AVC circuit.

Acoustic Signature’s flagship Invictus NEO turntable

DTD Bearing

The DTD bearing with diamond coated spindle merges ultra-precise dimensions and maximum durability which result in unmatched rigidity, accuracy and reliability as well as a far lower noise level.

Acoustic Signature TA9000 NEO tonearm

The AVC circuit fully automatically adjusts the tolerances of the motors to the lowest achievable level which results in a nearly vibration-free drive system. Both technologies are the foundation for Acoustic Signature’s new generation of turntables.

AcousticSignature Montana Neo turntable

2020 NEO

The 2020 NEO turntable line-up offers nine models starting from 3,600 EUR up to 155,000 EUR and six improved tonearms where the tonearm bearing material has been changed from brass to stainless steel, resulting in more rigidity and smoother moving. The NEO tonearm line-up starts from 1,300 EUR up to 24,000 EUR.

Acoustic Signature’s Maximus NEO turntable

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