Following The Chord Company’s recent new additions to the entry-level sector (Sarsen speaker cable, Crimson, Affordable_mains_cable_chordCobra and Chameleon interconnects) the company has launched an affordable new mains cable: C-power. 

The new C-power mains cable follows the same design principles as every other Chord cable with considerable attention paid to shielding, conductors and termination. The terminations are high-pressure-crimped (no screws to work loose) and the over-moulding process, which is said to offer additional sonic benefits, holds the conductors firmly in place and reduces mechanically induced noise. The C-power is fitted with a high-quality military-grade over-moulded mains plug, plus an equally high-quality IEC plug. 

The cable, which is based upon 3×14 AWG high-purity multi-strand copper conductors, has a parallel conductor layout and a high-frequency-effective over-wrapped heavy gauge foil floating shield. It is insulated with PVC and also benefits from a high-density vibration-damping outer jacket.   

The C-power is available in 1.5 metre lengths and is fitted with UK or European mains plugs. It is priced at £50


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