Air Audio Distribution contacted Hifi Pig to tell us they’ve been appointed sole UK and Ireland Distributors by MS 328r_01HD Power to offer their range of electrical components and products.

MS HD Power specialise in mains power products and accessories for the audio market, Air Audio Distribution are launching their range of UK 13A mains plugs and IEC plugs, patented designs that have been sold into the Hong Kong and Singapore markets for some years.

The UK 13A plug has been designed specifically to offer a great solution for use with audio/visual products and will accept cables up to 16mm dia. whilst the wire clamps internally accept up to 4mm dia. The IEC plugs are designed with the same cable size specifications.

Both plug types have a wire clamping design that ensures a secure and air tight joint between plug pin and wire, are manufactured from a nylon material and all UK plug products are compliant with BS-1363.

The plug electrical parts are manufactured from high quality copper and high spring rate phosphor bronze materials and the plugs can be bought with polished un-plated pins, or (all electrical parts) plated with silver, 24K Gold or Rhodium over silver. 

The polished un-plated plugs retail at £29.95, the Rhodium plated plugs (pictured) being the most expensive at £59.95.  

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