Air Audio got in touch to tell us about a new company called Cove Audio who they will be distributing in the UK.They will be starting with their first range of signal cables, RCA’s and XLR’s initially, with a comprehensive  range of audio cable options to be launched over the coming months.

Michael Osborne of Air Audio told us: “Their first range is called Cascade and are a high quality mid-priced cable offering a really excellent sound (so they are not cheap, but not silly prices either).  I’ve tried them against significantly more expensive cables and they do represent good value / quality sound performance to my ears, and a number of dealers who have heard them during development”.

Cove Audio use UK sourced components where ever possible, the RCA plugs have been designed from the ground up to offer superior signal transmission, all the plug components (as is the cable itself) are manufactured and assembled in the UK. The pseudo-balanced and shielded RCA cable design uses silver plated single core high purity copper, with a PTFE dielectric held within a vibration damping material under a 100% RFI shield and topped off with a nice silver grey woven sleeving. The Cascade design offers insight and musicality without sacrificing neutrality.  As the designer behind Cove Cables said to me…  ‘the best cable is no cable, but I’ve developed a pretty cool compromise that uses copper and plugs!’”

Cove cables will be on demo and view in rooms 304 and 306 at Sound and Vision Bristol 2017.

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