Akiko Audio has introduced four models in their new DIY Black Box Series. A special product for the large group of music fans that enjoy building and modifying their own devices.

Akiko told us: “By popular request we introduced build-in units that reduce the high frequency noise in the most effective places: the meter cupboard and the device’s housing, close to the electrical components and power supply of your devices and power distribution”.

They went on to explain further: “The four DIY products are based on the Harmoniser unit from our Akiko Audio Power-conditioner, Corelli. While we were developing the Corelli we noticed that this unit was also an effective weapon against high frequency noise in other places. High frequency noise is present throughout the music system and mixes with the music we want to listen to in the speakers. We believe this undesired noise is the primary cause for listening fatigue. Reducing the noise always improves the music rendering. Small details become more audible and the spatial information also improves. More music = more pleasure from listening!”

The isolated housing of these new unit is made from anti-static impact-resistant ABS. Placing and connecting them is a simple job: the connection cable is meant to be joined to the central earthing or IEC earthing connection.

Akiko Audio products also comes with a 14 day money back guarantee.





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