Akiko Audio specialises in lowering the noise floor in the rendering chain. A higher noise floor comes from contaminated electricity and high frequency radiation. Seeing as the noise mixes in with the music signal, it should be dealt with immediately. This, according to Sander van Berlo, is an important cause of listening fatigue.

Sander told us more: “The fragile electrical signal from the record player is especially vulnerable. When opting for analogue rendering you of course don’t want information from the record groove to be polluted by high frequency noise…We developed the Phono Tuning Box to render your music in a natural and clean way. For you specifically, this means you’ll be able to enjoy your record collection at its finest!”

According to the manufacturer you can expect an honest and clean rendering, they also say that the Phono Booster supports the phono pre-amp to produce better results, more small details become audible because of the lower noise floor.

The Akiko Audio Phono Booster is available immediately, price 350€




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