The first showing of the Amare Musica Diamond Firefly loudspeakers took place at the Audio Video Show 2017 in Warsaw, last November.

These Polish standmount speakers retail for 7,200€ and are available to order now.

Basic technical data:

– nominal impedance: 6 ohms (minimum 4.5 ohms)

– rated power: approx. 100 W

– sensitivity: 86 dB (2.83V / 1m)

– frequency response: 35 Hz – 35 kHz (+/- 3 dB)

– crossover frequency: 2200 Hz (12/18 dB / oct)

– external dimensions (height / width / depth): 380 x 220 x 380 mm

Construction details:

– box volume – 18.5 l net

– wall thickness: 38 mm front / 21 mm

– slanted front panel edges to improve high treble dispersion

– internal damping: bituminous mat, felt, aramid fiber “Angel Hair”

– crossover components: Jantzen air coils, Mundorf Evo Oil polypropylene capacitors,  Mundorf m-resist resistors

– internal cabling: Chord Rumour 4 (silver plated copper in Teflon)

– terminals: WBT

– natural veneer – ebony or Indian apple tree, semi-matte varnish


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