Finnish loudspeaker manufacturer, Amphion Loudspeakers, officially launched its passive studio monitors line at the NAMM show in January 2015. Argon3S keeps many aspects of Amphion’s bookshelf speaker Argon3, while incorporating the passive radiator and crossover technology from the studio monitors. Amphion say that one of the distinguishing features of Argon3S, as well as all the other Argon and Helium models, is “that you can fully enjoy optimal sound quality even when you are not sitting in the sweet spot”. Multiple Grammy Award winning mixing engineer Dave Reitzas (Madonna, Celine Dion, Seal, Michael Buble, Fifty Shades of Grey) says that with the Argon3S: “The whole room is a sweet spot.”


Visitors at the High End show in Munich will be able to experience Amphion’s loudspeakers and learn more about their specifics from Amphion’s owner and Managing Director, Anssi Hyvönen, in Atrium 3.1, room D109.

Argon3S is priced at €1075 (walnut veneer €1175) per piece, incl. VAT.



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