The Andover Audio PM-50 Planar Magnetic headphones use Planar Magnetic drivers distributing the driving force across the entire surface of the diaphragm, eliminating cone breakup.

The PM-50 can be driven by any traditional source including smartphones, portable music players, high-end DACs, traditional audio systems, and dedicated headphone amplifiers.

Open Back Planar Headphones

“The PM-50 packs a lot of value, with great comfort, precision build quality, and superb sound from its reference-grade planar magnetic drivers. We’re excited to introduce the PM-50 as the first of many Andover products into the critical-listening headphone space.” Says Bob Hazelwood, Director of Engineering at Andover Audio.

Following the industrial design of Andover’s Model One turntable music system, the PM-50 headphones feature housings of genuine walnut that provide a solid acoustic enclosure for the 50mm Planar Magnetic drivers. They have an open-back acoustic design and ergonomic headband.

The PM-50 comes with two sets of ear-cushions. The thicker cushions provide a more relaxed and open sound, while the thinner cushions provide more immediacy and impact. Listeners can choose their favorite for sound and comfort or can change them for specific recordings. The third set of pads, which feature a looser fit, will be available Q3 of 2020.


Headphone Style: Over-Ear Enclosure: Genuine Walnut Hardwood

Ear-Cushions: Two Sets

Cable: Removable / Upgradable

Headphone Impedance Rating: 32 ohms

Frequency Response Range: 15Hz – 50kHz

Driver Sensitivity: 102dB/1mW

Retail Price: $500

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