Under the Bridge welcomes Andy McKee, one of the world’s finest and most technically gifted acoustic guitarists, whose playing touches upon bluegrass, progressive rock, and classical music.

Andy is a self-taught musician who grew up studying cassettes and CDs of artists as diverse as Preston Reed, Don Ross, Billy McLaughlin, Michael Hedges, Eric Johnson and Dream Theater. He absorbed the work of 1980s acts including Toto and Tears For Fears, applying his impressionistic chord work and dynamic understanding into sincere renditions of pop standards such as Tears For Fears’ Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Toto’s Africa and of Stairway To Heaven.

“I write instrumental music to say things I don’t have words for” Andy Mckee

With his unique slap and pop guitar technique, inspired by Earth Wind & Fire’s bassist Verdine White, McKee has achieved millions upon millions of YouTube viewers, underscoring his emergence as one of today’s most influential artists. McKee’s skill and dexterity has seen him tour alongside acts including Prince and Dream Theatre, as well as collaborating with some of the greatest guitarists in the world, including Lee Ritenour and Don Ross.

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