The new Apertura Enigma mkII will be unveiled in Room F2014 Arium 4 at this years High end in Munich.

The new version is said to be close to the Enigma but every components has been rethought in order to achieve the best performance.

Enigma mkII is now a 2.5 way, 3 drive unit loadspeaker. These drivers have been widely modified from the previous version, following the same principle te company applied on their Adamante speaker.

The filter has been completely revised. It is still split over 2 independent Pcbs, and has new high-end capacitors.

The hybrid load, combining an acoustic line and a bass-reflex, has been completely reconsidered. The tuned frequency is lower to achieve lower frequency extension.

The high sensitivity (94dB) remains unchanged, and allows the use of the most musical electronics, even of modest output power.

This year CH Precision will also be with Apertura presenting their new I1 integrated amplifier and their new T1 an external clock generator.

The Swedish Entreq will also be in the room and will present an almost complete range of power treatments.

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