roksponsmallDeveloped in house at Arcam, MusicLife is a UPnP streaming app, that is regularly updated to add features and functions to Arcam’s range of networked of Hifi and AV components.

Able to control local streaming music from Mac / PC / NAS drive etc, directly from iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, the latest V1.3.0 brings internet streaming from TIDAL and Qobuz, plus Internet Radio and Podcasts, to Arcam’s latest Disc Players and One Box Solo Systems. In addition to the streaming and extended UPnP functions, the app plays media from local servers to any Bluetooth device, enabling streaming to almost anything paired with an Arcam miniBlink or rBlink Bluetooth DAC.


MusicLife features a control page for connected devices that offers remote control of a large selection of the products functions and features. You can control the Media Player in Arcam network-based music systems, including features such as playback of content stored on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, shuffle & repeat playback etc. Bluetooth playback allows you to play music from iPhone / iPad or NAS drive to any Bluetooth device and you can now also play from Mac, PC, network drive or iPhone/iPad directly to the Arcam Solo bar. Using an Arcam rBlink or miniBlink and the MusicLife app, you can turn any audio component into an iPad, iPhone controlled network music streamer. Simply plug an rBlink or miniBlink into any audio product device with stereo inputs.

New Tidal, Qobuz features etc are for use with the following Arcam models

Components should be updated to the latest software for best performance:

– CDS27 SACD/CD player – firmware v083

– UDP411 Blu-ray player – firmware v082

– 2016 Solo Movie 2.1 / 5.1 – firmware v36

– 2016 Solo Music – firmware v8

All other features work with the above devices, plus those listed here

– SR250, AV950, AVR850, AVR750, AVR550, AVR450 AVR390 Receivers

– AVR380. AVR400, AVR360, AV888, AVR600, AVR500 Receivers

– Solo Neo one-box music system

– airDAC integrated DAC


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